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We are a feed and hay store specializing in horse and animal nutrition. We serve the Bradenton and Sarasota areas. We sell hay and Seminole, Buckeye, Triple Crown, and Southern States horse feed. We also have food for other animals and pets such as cow, pig, goat, sheep, llama, deer, parrot, rabbit, chicken, dog and cat.

The Forgotten 17 Update (horses recently seized with over 300 other animals)

Thanks again so very very much to everyone who came up to our 'Hope for the horses' event this past Saturday! We had a great time and raised lots of money for these awesome horses!

More info and updates including photos of the horses can be found on the The Forgotten 17 Facebook page. This page will aim to keep you updated on what's going on with these horses as much as possible. Thanks for the 'like'; please spread the word!

These horses are in need of all the necessities including feed, hay, and wormers. Donations can be made to Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary in their behalf. (IMPORTANT: Please make sure to note '17 Rescue Horses' on/with your donation.)

Be consistent with what you feed your horse everyday. Don’t arbitrarily change the type or brand of food or amount you give to your horse. If you must make a change, do it gradually. Continue giving your horse the old and gradually mix the new everyday and gradually add or decrease the amount of food until you have completely converted.

Feeding your horse should be done at minimum twice a day or more frequently, but this is not always practical. It is best to feed little and often since a horse’s stomach is small and is made primarily for grazing (small amounts of food constantly entering and leaving the stomach). You should feed your horse at the same times each day. Once the horse adapts to his feeding times don’t change them. If you are required to change the times, do it gradually…

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