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New Whispering Ranches custom feed available!

I’ll bet some horses are looking poor and thin, being out in all the heat, rain, muck,,,,spending all day long swatting flies and nights getting attacked by mosquitos!! Or maybe you just have a hard keeper? We’ve got your feed…. Whispering Ranches “Done Right” 16% Horse Feed (Debra’s pick) 16/12 and very low starch! Just call or come in and we’ll answer all your questions,

New Whispering Ranches custom feed available!2013-10-02T21:32:09+00:00

Nutrition Consultations Now Available!

Beth is available for farms calls on Tuesdays, Thursday and late Saturday (after 6pm). If you would like a nutrition consultation for your horse(s), call or text Beth to make an appointment at 941-962-2247. She will need to know your address and preferred date/time for visit. Everyone is welcome to take advantage of this opportunity for some expert advice.

Nutrition Consultations Now Available!2016-11-28T20:26:45+00:00

Newer Spreader

You NEED this! Newer SpreaderĀ® is a handy, portable, lightweight manure spreader for your horse farm that can be pulled with a small garden tractor, four wheeler, golf cart, etc. It’s an easy-to-use alternative to those heavy, expensive barn implements you’re used to seeing.

Click here to see the options and learn more about this affordable but effective manure spreader.Ā  Then stop by to see one and maybe even take one home!

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Rainy Season Is Here!

Rainy season is here. If you are planning on getting a delivery, please make sure that our truck has a solid, stable surface to drive on. Also, please make sure that there is adequate clearance for our truck to enter, turnaround and exit.

If you are not sure or think there may be an issue, please give us a call to discuss.

Rainy Season Is Here!2017-06-21T21:41:39+00:00