Welcome To Whispering Ranches Feed

Whispering Ranches FEED is a family owned and operated business that provides world-class premium horse feeds and equine nutrition solutions for your horse. We opened this business in 2009 and have 18 years experience in the field.

The owner, Beth Shuttleworth, formerly the feed store manager for Hunsader Farms, is a nutritionist and feed specialist. She will work with you to find what is the best feed for your specific horse and its needs. Beth can do farm calls, but is NOT a Vet. However, she can refer you to a good one if you need it. Beth is available 24/7 ( 941-962-2247 ) to answer any questions you may have.

We understand the connection you have with your horses. We know you’re concerned about the quality of their diets and the effects of proper nutrition on their performance and well-being. Our team of equine experts work together to bring you many years experience in the horse business, and our in house consultants are available to answer your nutrition questions six days a week.


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